The gearbox, is from Rancho, it's already the second one (thanks to Fast Fred http://vw1500s.skynetblogs.be/). It was his old gearbox.First one din't keep up in France (Super VW National). 1st gear is K.O.We still have to open it to get detailled information on what is broken.In the near future (I think for next season, I will use my old Rancho has a base to rebuild a rock solid gearbox...PS : I din' had a picture of my gearbox, so pic is from http://dams53.skynetblogs.be/ THANKSBy the way a big thanks to RANCHO for the gearbox.THe first gearbox I received from them was missing the axel sealling,wich means big oil leak and month and month and month of searching fo it....F**CKI still to write them a lettter, i'm so pissed off.....

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